Dental Crowns & Bridges in Bellevue, NE

At Kennedy Dental, we know how frustrating it can be to break a tooth, lose a tooth, or develop a deep and painful cavity. Many different things can hurt our teeth or affect our smiles, but we are confident in our ability to help our patients with any ailments from which they suffer. 

Patients know they can turn to our compassionate and skilled team of licensed professionals to get the help they need promptly. At Kennedy Dental, we truly believe that our patients are in the best hands, and we always look forward to showcasing our commitment to the Bellevue community.

We invite you to call our dental office at (402) 291-3535 regarding any questions you may have about crowns and bridges. You can also continue reading to learn more about replacing broken, damaged, or missing teeth with crowns and bridges. 

Your Smile's Health Is Our Highest Priority

Our team of dental experts understands the physical and emotional toll that damaged, broken, or missing teeth can have on a person. These problems can also likely affect the confidence a patient has when showing their smile, as well as their health and comfort. Woman leaning against a wall at dentist office in Bellevue

Our goal is not only to improve your dental health but also to enhance your overall physical health and well-being. Many people may not realize this, but oral health is directly linked to physical health. Oftentimes, the first signs of sickness or disease can be observed by examining the mouth.

Also, oral health conditions and disease can spread and affect other parts of the body, which is why we always strive to help our patients achieve better, healthier, and stronger smiles. When your teeth and gums suffer, so can the rest of your healthand your confidence too!

At Kennedy Dental, we believe that our patients deserve to have a healthy and beautiful smile that allows them to live their fullest and best lives. Whether a patient has experienced a dental injury, lost a tooth due to decay, or simply needs a minor smile refresher, we can help them reclaim their oral health and the appearance of their pearly whites. 

Quality Restorations That Look & Feel Natural

Our team of dentists in Bellevue, NE use only high-quality restoration techniques and materials such as all-porcelain dental crowns and bridges. We are confident that our specialists can help you get back to smiling with confidence again in no time at all. 

Many patients need a crown as it can be used to treat a number of different dental issues and ailments. Our crowns and bridges are specially designed with your comfort, dental health needs, and lifestyle in mind. Sometimes crowns and bridges can look fake and “too perfect,” while other times they can fail to function like they’re supposed to, leaving you less than impressed with your new teeth. 

Designed to fit your unique bite, crowns and bridges at Kennedy Dental look, feel, and function just like natural teeth do. With our restorations, you can enjoy smiling, laughing, eating, and chatting with friends againand without feeling embarrassed or experiencing pain or discomfort!

Comprehensive, Personalized Treatment

It is important to remember that because every patients’ needs are different, your exact plan of action may differ from another’s plan. The procedure for crowns and bridges may sound scary to some, but we can assure you that it is a very common and successful treatment that many patients need. 

We respect our patients as people, and you are never just a number to us. Whatever treatment you may need, we will be here to help you without judgment or pressure. Honesty is the best policy, and we will let you know which treatment we believe will best suit you and meet your unique needs.

If our Bellevue dentists believe a porcelain dental crown is an appropriate solution for you, we will help you understand why we recommend it. 

How Are Dental Crowns Used in Bellevue?

If you are wondering why a dental crown may be necessary, you are not alone. A dental crown is a customized, all-porcelain jacket that surrounds a damaged tooth like a little helmet to restore function and protect it from chewing forces. We would recommend a dental crown for you in any of the following cases:

  1. A broken tooth that needs protection
  2. A cavity that is too big for a filling
  3. A tooth that needs protection after a root canal
  4. To restore function and appearance to a dental implant

In most cases, it takes about two to three weeks to design, fabricate, and place your new dental crown on your tooth.  

How Long Does It Take to Get a Dental Crown?

The process for placing crowns typically occurs over the course of two visits to Kennedy Dental. Below, we will outline what a crown is and the general process for applying one over two separate visits to our Bellevue, NE dentist office. 

Diagram of dental crown covering tooth in Bellevue#1 First Crowns Visit – Prepare Your Tooth

Before we can place a dental crown on a broken tooth, we need to prepare the tooth by removing a layer of enamel. We then take impressions of the prepared tooth that we use to make a temporary crown, and a custom dental lab uses the impressions to fabricate your final crown. We also take impressions of the teeth above or below the tooth receiving the crown to ensure a proper fit. 

#2 Second Crowns Visit – Place Your New Crown

Your dental crown should be ready in about two weeks, and we’ll schedule an appointment at our Bellevue, NE dental office so we can remove your temporary, check your new custom crown for comfort and fit, and cement it securely on the tooth.

How Do Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth?

Our dentists would recommend a dental bridge if you are missing one or more teeth in the same area of your mouth. Designed to “bridge” the gap in your smile, our dentists attach dental crowns to anchor teeth on either side of the open space, and an artificial tooth is suspended between them to span the gap and complete your smile. 

The Importance of Restoring Your Smile

It is essential to replace missing teeth right away, and dental bridges are an excellent solution for many of our Bellevue, NE patients. If the anchor teeth are not healthy and strong enough to support the bridge, however, we also offer dental implants and partial dentures to restore smiles. Replacing a missing tooth can improve your ability to chew, speak, and bite, and it preserves your facial structure and jaw bone health. 

We understand that these procedures can sound scary or painful, but we can assure you that our team of experts is more than capable of making sure our patients are taken care of and informed during every step of the process. 

Restore Your Smile at Kennedy Dental

At Kennedy Dental, our team of skilled and experienced general dentists and specialists strive to offer the best care possible to patients of all ages. We offer a wide array of services, including restorative treatments like dental crowns and bridges, and much more. 

We truly believe that we are lucky enough to have some of the best dental practitioners around, and we look forward to serving our local Bellevue, NE community. For us, the greatest reward is giving people a real reason to smile and helping them change their lives for the better through improving their dental health. 

Please contact our Bellevue dentist office at (402) 291-3535 to learn how we can help you smile again with confidence!