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3 Ways Dental Crowns Improve Your Smile

September 23, 2022
Posted By: Kennedy Dental
Woman smiling at dentist for dental crowns in Bellevue, NE

Dental crowns are a crucial part of modern dentistry because they play many significant roles. Tooth crowns in Bellevue, NE, are used often in our dental practice, and in ways you may not have considered.

What Is a Dental Crown and What Is the Process?

Crowning a tooth is sometimes called capping, meaning we cover a treated tooth to the gumline with a hollowed restoration that looks identical to surrounding teeth.

So, a dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap customized to fit over your treated tooth. It is matched in shade and shape to complement surrounding teeth.

Our team of dentists in Bellevue relies on the latest technologies and most trusted labs to fabricate your dental crowns.

If you need a dental crown, we prepare the tooth, removing jagged bits or old filling material to create a suitable foundation for the capping. We then offer a temporary crown to protect the treated tooth. When your permanent crown is ready, you come in for final adjustments and cementing.

3 Ways Dental Crowns in Bellevue, NE Work for You

#1 Supporting a Damaged or Broken Tooth

We can restore function with a dental crown if you’ve had a root canal infection or enamel damage. The crown creates a safe space between your bite force and the weakened tooth.

#2 Concealing Tooth Flaws and Discoloration

Some patients opt to cap a discolored or flawed tooth with a custom dental crown to restore aesthetics.

#3 Restoring Missing Teeth

Dental crowns cap single dental implants, taking the place of missing teeth. Dental crowns also work with restoration teeth by anchoring these bridge teeth to healthy teeth.

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