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Recovering after Your Root Canal Treatment

April 27, 2022
Posted By: Kennedy Dental
Man smiling after root canal treatment in Bellevue, NE

So, you've successfully undergone a root canal treatment and saved an infected tooth! Great news, right? Many essential treatments still require some time for proper healing before resuming regular everyday habits. If you wonder how long it takes for a root canal treatment to heal, our team at Kennedy Dental takes the proper measures to set our patients up for success before, during, and after root canals for our patients in Bellevue, NE.

Handling Root Canal Infections

If you've had pain in an infected tooth and wondered what happens if a root canal gets infected or if a root canal infection can go away on its own, you've probably sought out the advice of a dentist or at least done a bit of searching online. Root canal treatments involve a dentist going into a patient's tooth to clean out any infection, filling the canals with a safe substance called gutta-percha, and covering the tooth with a dental crown for a "root canal cover-up" afterward.

While this treatment may sound painful, dentists use numbing agents and anesthetics to provide a safe and painless experience, but what happens post-procedure?

Root Canal Recovery

After your treatment, you'll need some time to heal. And although a root canal sounds like a generally straightforward treatment, healing times vary from patient to patient, as everyone's mouth is different. But if you are wondering how to ease root canal infection pain, here are a few tips:

  • Take painkillers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen (always seek the advice of a medical professional first).
  • Avoid acidic or sugary foods.
  • Don't consume very hot or cold foods or drinks.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Bellevue, NE

Don't hesitate to contact our team if you experience pain in your teeth or seek further advice or assessment during your root canal healing process. Patients near Bellevue, NE can contact our dentist office by calling (402) 291-3535 or booking with us online.

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