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How to Make the Most of Invisalign Treatment

May 24, 2021
Posted By: Kennedy Dental
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Invisalign clear braces provide patients with fantastic results, convenient removability, and incredible comfort. Still, to get the most out of your Invisalign treatment, you must follow the guidelines laid out by your dentist and their skilled team. At Kennedy Dental, we also have our own tips to offer on how to make the most of your Invisalign treatment!

Tips for Patients in Bellevue, NE During Invisalign Treatment

Straightening your teeth takes time, effort, and financial investment for many patients. We know how much you want that beautiful, healthy smile! So when you approach your Invisalign treatment in Bellevue, NE, it's crucial to approach it as you would any other serious endeavor to get the most out of your efforts!

Dedicate Yourself to Wearing Your Aligners

One of the most critical aspects of your Invisalign treatment is wearing your aligners! That may seem simple, but you may find it easy to forget to put your aligners back in after eating a meal or brushing your teeth. To help yourself remember, you can set a reminder on your phone, set an alarm, or place your aligners in clear view where you won't forget to put them back in. 

For best results and so you adapt quickly, we recommend wearing your clear aligners almost non-stop for the first 48 hours you have them, only taking them out to brush your teeth and for meals. Remember, you will have to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day over the course of your Invisalign treatment schedule to achieve your desired smile! The first 48 is good preparation for the rest of your treatment time. 

Switch to New Aligners According to Schedule

When you begin treatment, we will provide you with a schedule for changing out your aligners. Generally, the patient wears each set of Invisalign aligners for about two weeks, then the patient changes to the next set of aligners. Do not skip aligners or try to rush into the next set before scheduled to speed up treatment time! That will not work and may actually slow your treatment time.

Our dentists in Bellevue, NE carefully prepare the aligner schedule for your unique dental needs and provide you with the best and fastest results.

Keep Your Teeth and Aligners CleanHand holding up tray of Invisalign clear aligners in Bellevue NE

You should continue to adhere to your regular oral hygiene routine while you're completing Invisalign treatment. Remove your aligners before your regular routine and then brush and floss as you usually would to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. 

Also, clean your aligners according to your dentist's instructions. Toothbrushes and toothpaste can damage the plastic, so we usually recommend avoiding cleaning your aligners with those oral hygiene products. Most dentists recommend cleaning your aligners gently with antibacterial soap and warm water only.

If you don't clean your teeth and aligners regularly, your overall oral health could suffer, and we don't want that!

Practice Talking While Wearing Your Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners offer patients exceptional discretion. You can straighten your teeth with these nearly invisible aligners without most people even knowing! However, some patients find that they need a little bit to adjust to talking while wearing their aligners. No worries, though. With a bit of practice, you will quickly get used to the feel of the aligners and will barely even notice you are wearing them. 

Wear Your Retainer After Treatment

After your Invisalign treatment plan, you will have a new, straight smile that is both beautiful and easier to maintain! And we encourage you to celebrate that achievement! However, you'll still need to wear a retainer so you can keep your teeth in their proper places and keep that beautiful look. 

When you are near the end of your Invisalign braces treatment, our knowledgeable dentist in Bellevue, Dr. Beth Kampschnieder, will discuss the retainer with you and advise you on how often and when you should wear it. If you wear your retainer diligently, your smile will stay straight. If you don't, your teeth can begin to drift back into their former positions.

Woman wearing Invisalign clear aligners in Bellevue NEWhy Choose Kennedy Dental for Invisalign Treatment? 

Dr. Kampschnieder and the rest of our experienced dental team bring years of expertise and advanced education into every dental appointment. As a dedicated team of specialists, we have helped countless patients achieve straighter smiles with Invisalign braces, and we would love to help you.

The first step is a consultation with our dental team. We will evaluate your dental needs, tell you whether Invisalign braces are right for you, and create a treatment plan. 

Schedule a Consultation with Our Invisalign Dentist in Bellevue, NE!

If you're eager to straighten your teeth, whether it's for health purposes or aesthetics, our team of dental professionals can help. Call Kennedy Dental today at (402) 291-3535 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Kampschnieder or another one of our friendly dentists.

We look forward to examining your situation and offering the best advice for your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

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